Connect & Care

Friends, to combat social isolation, we are establishing 10-12 person groups to check on each other. After this time passes, we foresee continuing our Connect & Care Groups because we anticipate it will make us stronger as a congregation and help us better serve our community. We are looking to make the groups intergenerational so that they overlap with our other small groups, knitting us closer together for the best ongoing support. Initially, the groups will start small so that they have room to grow. Ideally, these groups will eventually pray for one another and urge each other in their faith journeys.

That said, we need leaders and co-leaders who are willing to make contact with their group weekly. We also need people who are willing and able to help others with apps like Zoom, Facebook, Slack, and Skype.

For more information, please fill out the Connect & Care Survey by clicking on the button below. Your information is being shared with Leah McGlynn Graybeal our Deacon in Training.

Connect & Care Survey