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When Words Fail

Feb 13, 2021    Rev. Brian Sixbey    Mark 9:2-9
God of grace and glory, we confess we aren’t used to either grace or glory.
Tempers flare, patience withers, and our ability to be graceful all seem to have
vanished. Glimpses of your glory catch us by surprise, because we only see what
our eyes are used to seeing. We have become calloused by so many complaints,
disgruntled by speaking so much disgust, and infuriated by all the irritants in our
lives. Today, Lord, we ask: Silence our flapping tongues. Allow us to become
awestruck in your presence, our words failing because of your glory abounding.
Open our hearts, minds, and spirits to worship in your love, for we beg this in
Jesus’ name. Amen.