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Behind and Before

Nov 29, 2020    Rev. Brian Sixbey    Mark 1:1-8, Mark 13:24-37
Lord, as we prepare to celebrate your birth, we put out lights, trees, decorations, and we want that feeling of being cozy in our spaces. We try to push all the fears we have to the back of our minds – Covid-19, political problems, world problems, personal, church, and family problems. Many of these things are out of our control, but they seem to pursue us from dawn to night. As the season of Advent unfolds, may we recognize Jesus not only as the baby in the cradle, but especially as the Lord of all creation. Teach us to bring all those problems, all those people, all those worries to you in our prayers and petitions, because you are powerful, mighty, and the Savior of the world! You are working through us (and sometimes despite us) to bring relief to those who suffer, hope to those who fear, justice to those who are oppressed, and love to all who will receive love. May we receive you as Lord over all creation, and especially over our individual lives, and follow your lead in all things. When we come to celebrate your birth, we will be ready to receive your grace, in Jesus’ name. Amen.