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Generosity Begins With an Open Hand

Dec 19, 2020    Rev. Brian Sixbey    Luke 1:24-45
Mary, Mary, she was not contrary! Mary is a visible sign of what it can look like for human beings to follow your will, Lord. When the angel Gabriel appeared and told her the great tidings that would forever change her life, complicate her upcoming wedding, and break her heart as she witnessed her son die on the cross, Mary said yes. She did not qualify her yes, ask for a second opinion, or bargain. Help us, Lord. Help us, when life gets complicated, the needs of the moment overwhelm us, and when things seem to be spiraling out of control. Help us say yes to You, even if it means no to our convenience or comfort levels because You have a gift to give to us and through us, the gift of life and hope. We are forever grateful that Mary said yes, and we want to be more like her. Lord, forgive us, we feel so put upon. We feel so helpless we forget our willingness and fumble at our commitment, in Jesus’ name. Amen.