The Gospel of Conflict - Modern

Jun 11, 2023    Rev. Brian Sixbey

Lord, like your people from of old, we live in a time of great trial. Except for those who still experience poverty and want, we do not need more money to live good lives, but we live in a time of great stress, loneliness, isolation, depression, anxiety, and division. Could it be that our technology has given us power, but we lack the wisdom to use that power for good? Could it be that we have lost sight of that fact that might does not make right and to be weak in the eyes of the world can be strength in your eyes? In our world of upside-down values, help us, your body, to love and serve beyond man-made divisions so that the world can have an example of a better way of life. We humbly ask you to help us become the church in these days, in Jesus’ name, Amen.