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by Leah McGlynn on June 4th, 2021
Wrestle.  In my younger days I was a fan of professional wrestling. My teen age friend Stimp and I went to Richmond to see I don’t remember who, wrestle. We hitchhike back home in the wee hours of the morning but that’s another story. Later, I enjoyed watching Tony Atlas, Gorgeous George, and others on TV.  But you know we have our own personal wrestling matches with mental issues, physical proble...  Read More
by Leah McGlynn on June 3rd, 2021
Comfort. We think about finding comfort in the shelter of our own homes. This is where we can be ourselves and relax. We think about the comfort of our beds when we are tired and sleepy. We think about the comfort of friends gathered around us. We like to ride in comfortable automobiles. And then there is comfort food like peanut butter. There is something about “comfortable foods” that put our tu...  Read More
by Leah McGlynn on June 2nd, 2021
Friend. There are all kinds of friends. Some close, some not so close. Then there are acquaintances who could develop into friends. Don’t forget that the world is full of people who could well become your friends.  A close friend, I mean a really true friend, is one who knows all your faults, your personality traits, and really most everything there is to know about you and is still willing to sac...  Read More
by Leah McGlynn on May 31st, 2021
Keep implies possession. I want to keep that item in my toolbox. We find a method that works well so we decide to keep using it.  We may say, “I should’ve kept quiet and not said that.” I have a doctor’s appointment I must keep. I wish I could keep my car nicer. Keep can also be a noun as in, “I put my pretzels in the keep.” In older times the keep was a strong tower of a castle, keeping the occup...  Read More
by Leah McGlynn on May 25th, 2021
Wings. Probably when you think of wings do you think of birds. We have had a number of red wing blackbirds feeding in the yard this season. The markings on their wings are beautiful. The Bible tells us about wings, how Jesus longs to shelter us under His care, as a mother hen shelters for chicks under the protection of her wings. We picture Jesus and the wings of a snow-white dove.  Some picture J...  Read More
by Leah McGlynn on May 24th, 2021
Seed. About this time of the year folks began to think about planting seeds. Could be seeds that will produce a harvest that can go to market. It can be a seed that would produce beautiful flowers that would grace our yards and tables. We remove seeds from whole fruit so that the meat can go into our salads or fruit bowls. We also talk about planting seeds of suggestion in the minds of those to wh...  Read More
by Leah McGlynn on May 19th, 2021
Crumb: That which we brush from our table, many of which fall on the floor as we enjoy our scrumptious meals. The word can be used in many other ways. We watch a program on television and when it is over, we decide it was crummy! Why did I waste my time on that? Crumbs are a common lot. Yes, we have used this word before. As I sit at the breakfast table and look at the results of my breakfast, I a...  Read More
by Leah McGlynn on May 3rd, 2021
Roof. Generally speaking, roof is the cover over a shelter or building. Can also be used to describe a mountain which seems to be the roof over the valley. The homeless are often described as those who have no roof over their heads, no protection. How sad that is. How wonderful it is that the good Lord has seen fit for the most of us to have a “roof over our heads.”“We think of those who are cross...  Read More