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Roof. Generally speaking, roof is the cover over a shelter or building. Can also be used to describe a mountain which seems to be the roof over the valley. The homeless are often described as those who have no roof over their heads, no protection. How sad that is. How wonderful it is that the good Lord has seen fit for the most of us to have a “roof over our heads.”

“We think of those who are crossing our borders to the south who have no prospect of a roof over their heads except a temporary one that is overcrowded. We speak of an overall project as being a “roof” over the entire plan. I worked with an individual who had no “roof over his head” until the Lord blessed him with circumstances that changed all that. We can stop what we are doing and give thanks to God for the “roof” that shelters us both physically and spiritually!

The scripture that comes to light for the day is Matthew chapter 7:7-12. From that scripture comes the text which is verse 8c “and to him who knocks it will be opened.” Here Jesus is giving us the way to pray and the faith that accompanies it. We ask God to take care of our needs, to give action to our request by looking for answers. When a possible solution presents itself and the way opens, then “knock.” When the door is open go in! We are assured the way will be made possible.

The earlier verses contained practical living directions for making it as a follower of Jesus. Then comes “ask, seek and knock” which is a grand way to direct our prayer life. It tells God we are willing to do our part in His answering.

This wonderful instruction from Jesus ends with verse 12: The Golden Rule. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” What a roof to live under!

Written by Pastor Tommy Markham

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