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Wings. Probably when you think of wings do you think of birds. We have had a number of red wing blackbirds feeding in the yard this season. The markings on their wings are beautiful. The Bible tells us about wings, how Jesus longs to shelter us under His care, as a mother hen shelters for chicks under the protection of her wings. We picture Jesus and the wings of a snow-white dove.  Some picture Jesus lifting us into eternity upon wings. As children we flap our arms pretending to fly. We imagine how that would be to fly around watching everything that is going on!  What would you like to see from a different perspective?

The scripture for the day is from Luke 12:1-12. It is a beautiful scene we have all pictured in our minds eye. The text is verse eight and nine. “And they remembered his words and returning from the tomb they told all this to the eleven and to all the rest.” Yes, it is the resurrection morning and the women discovering the empty tomb! When the realization of the resurrection of Jesus came to bear upon their minds can you imagine the joy, the wonder, the splendor, the magnitude of what was going on within their very beings! They could have literally flown to tell the world!

You ever felt that way? Have you gotten a hold of a spiritual truth so great that you had to share?  Did you rush to the telephone or did you pull out your cell phone and immediately text? If you just had wings you could fly to your spiritual partner with that joy.
This is the dawn of the first day of the first week of the rest of your life!  As you “gather up” your total spiritual experience for your entrance into this day, you spread your spiritual wings and drift off into the wind currents driven by the Holy Spirit! See what the Lord has made for you today.

Written by Pastor Tommy Markham

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